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Creative Writing Craft and Techniques Took Kit


Here, you'll find articles on characterization, writing description, showing vs. telling, beginnings, endings, sagging middles, and more! We also cover many creative writing techniques for poetry, short stories, personal essays, memoir, and other nonfiction.



The Craft of Poetry


2a) How to Characterize your Prose - Is it poetry, flash fiction, a blurb?


2b) Types of Poems - Free vs. formal, traditional poetry


2c) Stand-Out Poetry Techniques that Turn Heads at the Admission


2d) Poetry Turnoffs


2e) Length Matters! - Is there such thing as poetry that's "too long" or "too short"?


2f) How to Craft Better Poems


2g) Rhyming Poetry: General Information - This can be tricky to use stylistically, but it's far from impossible


2h) Rhyming Poetry Techniques that Attract Readers


2i) Making your Poetry POP in a Literary Magazine


2j) How to get Personal, Confessional Poetry Published


Poetry Vs. Poetic Prose


2k) Originality in Poetry: Is it possible? - Yes, it is, and here's how you can be original in your craft!


2l) 5 Signs You've Got a Quality Poem on Your Hands


2m) Techniques that Seduce any Reader


2n) How to Craft Naturally Brilliant Nature Poems



Writing Short Stories


2o) Short Stories vs. Novellas - How to market your short fiction and where to get it published


2p) Short Prose Genres - Sorting between essays, short stories, memoirs, and mixed genres


2q) 10 Ideas to get your Short Story Inspiration Flowing


2r) How to Craft more Dramatic and Emotional Short Stories


2s) How to Turn your Short Story into a Full Blown Novel


2t) How to Shorten your Stories - sometimes, being concise is key!


2u) How to Pack Emotion in a Few Words - how to get words to "multitask" when it comes to conveying meaning


2v) How to Tell if your Short Story is Ready to be Published


2w) Being Fresh in your Short Stories - Originality isn't dead, folks!


2x) What's the Right Length for your Short Story?



Tips for Writing Creative and Analytical Nonfiction


2y) How to Determine your Nonfiction Genre - Is your Work Fiction or Nonfiction? A Memoir, Novel, or Something else?


2z) Are you Shooting Yourself in the Foot? - self-help practices to avoid when writing nonfiction


2aa) How Creative Should I be with my Nonfiction Pieces? - well, it's called creative nonfiction for a reason!


2bb) Where to Submit your Nonfiction Pieces for Publication


2cc) How to Write an Amazing Essay



Concluding Notes


We hope that you find our articles about writing craft and technique to be helpful. Feel free to stop by, as we are always consistently updating our resource tabs with new, helpful articles for young writers like yourself! If you'd like more information on any of the topics we've covered, or would just like some personal, catered advice on any questions you have, feel free to email us at In any case, please share this page with other young writers you may know; we love putting in the effort to help as many writers as we can!