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Submitting Short Stories



4a) Submit Short Stories: How To Get Published In Literary Journals. This article will teach you how to submit short stories to editors of literary journals. Read our step-by-step instructions for making strong short story submissions! Editors want to read your short stories—but it’s your job to send them. 


4b) Short Prose Genres: Defining Essay, Short Story, Commentary, Memoir, and Mixed Genre. If you want to submit short stories for publication, be sure you are certain that what you are submitting is considered a short story! Learn the nuances of short prose genres.


4c) How To Submit Short Stories To Independent And University Publishers. Learn how to submit your short story to colleges, universities, and other small presses. Independent publishers ARE publishing short stories. They tend to be more open to short story collection submissions than major publishers. Learn more!


4d) Submit Short Stories: Strategies To Make Your Short Story Stand Out In A Crowd. If you are submitting your short stories to competitive markets (literary journals), you’ll need to set yourself apart. These techniques will help you catch an editor’s eye! 


4e) Short Story Or Novella? What’s The Difference And Where To Submit Short Stories. You think you’re writing short stories…but are you sure? Before you submit, read!

How To Find Literary Journals To Publish Your Short Stories, Poems, And Essays. Want to know where to submit (and publish) your short stories? This article offers valuable tips so you can research your short story submissions by yourself.


4f) What Are Simultaneous Submissions? What are “simultaneous submissions,” and how can they benefit you? Find the answers here.


4g) 3 Signs You Need A Stronger Submission Strategy To Reach Your Publishing Goals. Even if your writing regimen is fantastic, a so-so submission strategy will make it almost impossible to get published. Here are tips for a strong submission strategy.


4h) 5 Elements That Will Muck Up The Chances Of Publishing Your Short Story. Certain short story deal-breakers pop up again and again in submissions—here are a few to avoid!


4i) 13 Literary Journals That Publish Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror, Suspense. Do you write sci-fi/mystery/horror stories? Submit them to these journals!


4j) The Fastest Way To Find Literary Magazines For Your Writing. Want to spend less time researching literary magazines for your writing? Find out how to here!


4k) 6 Submission Red Flags Literary Journal Editors Watch For. When you’re submitting your writing, make sure your work doesn’t wave any of these red flags!


4l) How To Submit Short Stories And Poems To Literary Journals. You’ve written, rewritten, proofed, and polished your short story or poetry. Now it’s time to start submitting your writing to literary journals!


4m) How To Write The Best Cover Letter To Submit With Personal Essays For Publication In Literary Journals. How to write the best cover letter for submitting personal essays to literary journals to improve your odds of getting published.


4n) Get Motivated! How To Overcome Your Resistance To Making Creative Writing Submissions. If your work is ready, why aren’t you submitting it? 


4o) If Your Writing Submission Strategy Isn’t Getting You Published, Try This. It takes more than great writing to get published! You also need a smart writing submission strategy. Check out these proven tips and advice!


4p) Are Your Short Stories Short Enough For Today’s Readers And Editors?Check out these tips to boost your acceptance odds and ensure your short stories are short enough.


4q) Zen And The Art Of Making Effective Writing Submissions. Here are the best ways to relax and be more Zen while making effective writing submissions.


4r) 13 Great Reasons To Submit Writing To Online Literary Journals. By submitting your writing to online literary journals, you have the best odds of getting your work in front of the largest audience. Here are more great reasons to submit writing to online literary journals.


4s) Eek! Get Over The Fear Of Submitting Your Writing. Don’t panic! 




Short Story Writing Techniques



4t) How To Find Short Story Ideas In Your Own Life. Is your short story idea well running dry? Fear not! New short story ideas might be closer than you think!


4u) Short Story Checklist: Techniques For Getting Short Stories Published. Use our short story checklist to see if your story is ready for submission to literary journals.


4v) Trendy Short Story Topics That Editors Are Loving. We’ve noticed that there are topics, themes, and concepts that literary journal editors love to see in short story submissions—and some they don’t.


4w) Is Your Short Story Publisher-Friendly? These eight short story techniques will make it easier for literary journals to send you an acceptance letter.