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Poetry Submissions: 


5a) How And Where To Submit Your Poems


5b) What Are Simultaneous Submissions? What are “simultaneous submissions,” and how can they benefit you? Find the answers here.


5c) 3 Signs You Need A Stronger Submission Strategy To Reach Your Publishing Goals. Even if your writing regimen is fantastic, a so-so submission strategy will make it almost impossible to get published. Here are tips for a strong submission strategy.


5d) Poetry Submissions To Literary Journals And Magazines. Learn how to submit to literary magazines. Literary journals are the BEST place to publish your individual poems.


5e) How To Find Literary Journals To Publish Your Poems. Now that you know how to make poetry submissions to magazines, learn how to research markets that publish poems.


5f) Seduction of Fake Poetry Contests. Beware! Think twice before submitting to dubious “anthology” contests.


5g) How Much Money Can I Make Writing Poems? Poetry submissions may not be a get-rich-quick plan. Here’s why.


5h) Poetry Submissions To Anthologies. Anthologies can be a rich source of publication opportunities for poets.


5i) Poetry Submissions To Independent And University Publishers. If you’re in the market to submit a book of poems, learn how to submit to small and independent presses!


5j) How To Get Your Poetry Published. A basic guide to poem submissions.


5k) Five Ways To Make Money As A Poet. Poetry publications aren’t especially lucrative. But here are a few ways to make extra bucks!


5l) How To Market Your Poetry. You’ve made your magazine submissions. You’ve been published. Now what? Time to promote!


5m) Where New Writers Can Get Poetry Submissions Published. Editors truly are looking for work from new writers!


5n) List of Poetry Contests, Calls For Poetry Submissions, etc. Check out our (always free!) list of calls for poetry submissions!


5o) Poetry Submissions: How To Choose Which Poems To Submit. Learn the facts about how many poems you should send and how you can package them for maximum acceptability.


5p) Before You Submit A Long Poem To A Literary Journal—Read This! Submitting a single long poem (over two pages) could possibly make it more difficult to convince editors to say YES to your poem. But these tactics that may make your long poem more attractive to a greater number of publishing markets.


5q) Where To Submit Poetry For Money. Find out how you can make money on your poetry!


5r) The One Thing You Must Know To Get A Poetry Collection Published.We reveal the number one technique to get your poetry collection published.


5s) Should A Poet Get A Literary Agent? Writer’s Relief discusses reasons why poets shouldn’t be querying literary agents.


5t) How To Write Poetry: Make It Easy For Editors To Say YES To Your Poems You don’t have to give up the heart/art of your poetry, but these few tips will ensure your poems are “easy” for editors to say yes to.


5u) How To Format Your Poetry Collection Whether you’re submitting your poetry collection or preparing to self-publish, here are some essential elements your poetry manuscript should have.


5v) The Fastest Way To Find Literary Magazines For Your Writing. Want to spend less time researching literary magazines for your writing? Find out how to here!


5w) 8 Writing Submission Tips To Learn From Mailing Out Holiday Cards. What can an aspiring author learn from the ritual of mailing holiday cards? More than you think!


5x) 6 Submission Red Flags Literary Journal Editors Watch For. When you’re submitting your writing, make sure your work doesn’t wave any of these red flags!


5y) How To Submit Short Stories And Poems To Literary Journals. You’ve written, rewritten, proofed, and polished your short story or poetry. Now it’s time to start submitting your writing to literary journals!


5z) 20 Literary Magazines That Publish Rhyming Poetry. It’s been said that no one is publishing rhyming poetry these days. So the research experts here at Writer’s Relief scoured through their resources and discovered twenty literary magazines that DO publish rhyming poetry!


5aa) Zen And The Art Of Making Effective Writing Submissions. Here are the best ways to relax and be more Zen while making effective writing submissions.


5bb) Eek! Get Over The Fear Of Submitting Your Writing. Don’t panic! The experts at Writer’s Relief have the best tips to help you get over the fear of submitting your writing to literary journals or agents.



thoughts on craft:


5cc) Seven Techniques You Must Know To Make Editors Notice Your Poetry Submissions. You don’t have to agree with our suggestions, but be sure you know them! You know what they say: You can’t break the rules until you know what they are!


5dd) Length Matters: The Best Length For Submissions. We’ve been helping poets submit to magazines and tracking changes in the market since 1994. Is there a “golden mean” in poetry? You bet.


5ee) 5 Favorite Poems From Childhood. For many of us, the love and appreciation of poetry started back when we were children first learning to read. The staff here at Writer’s Relief has compiled a list of our favorite poems from childhood.


5ff) Five Ways To Share Your Love Of Verse With Children. When you share your love of poems, you do the world a favor. Here are some ideas.


5gg) Poet Susanna Rich’s Advice For Writers: Taking The Show On The Road. Want to promote a published book of poems? Here are one writer’s thoughts.


5hh) The Language Of Musicality In Poetry: Vocabulary For Poets. Sound like you know what sounds you’re talking about.


5ii) 11 Poetry Forms You’ve Never Heard Of (But Should Have). There’s more to poetry than free verse and couplets. In fact, there are almost as many forms of poetry as there are actual poems!


5jj) Fostering Originality In Poetry Submissions. It’s all been done. But maybe you can do it better.


5kk) Poetry Is A Lifestyle Choice: How To Keep A Poetic Frame Of Mind. We’re not sure there’s such a thing as a hobbyist poet. Writing poems is a round-the-clock vocation.


5ll) How To Write Good Rhyming Poetry. Good rhyming poetry is out there. It’s difficult to do well, but not impossible.


5mm) Fun With Poetry: 7 Days + 7 Games = One Week To Poetic Reinvigoration! Take our 7-day poetry challenge to give your creativity a boost!


5nn) What’s Your Poetry Personality? Find Out Which Poetry Movement Matches You! To learn which poetic style and school of thought best suits your own ideas about poetry and writing, take your “poetic pulse” with our quick quiz.


5oo) How To Write Haiku That Editors Will Publish. It is entirely possible to get haiku published. But you’ve got to do two things—first: Know where to submit your haiku. Second: Write haiku that is really, really good.


5pp) The 17 Poetry Tools Free-Verse Poets Should Master. Veteran poets know that writing good free verse requires mastery of many devices and techniques. Do you have all of these tools in your poetry toolbox—and do you know the right way to use them?


5qq) Limericks: There Once Was A Poem From Nantucket… Often humorous, sometimes naughty, yet always entertaining, limericks came into mainstream popularity during the mid-1800s. Since then, they’ve woven their way into literature and the hearts of many amused readers.


5rr) The 8 Signs You’ve Written A Good Poem. It can be difficult to know whether you’ve written a good poem, but there are signs that indicate a poem is solid, successful, and likely to be published.


5ss) How To Become A Better Poet – 7 Ideas To Try Right Now. Whether you’ve been writing poetry for a while or you’re considering giving it a try for the first time, Writer’s Relief has tips and advice to help you hone your skills and become a better poet.


5tt) A Poetry Slam Through The Ages To Celebrate National Poetry Month. In a poetry slam competition, original spoken word poetry is presented before an audience and judges—and it can get quite energetic and loud! At The Elysian Muse, we’ve decided to pit some of the best poets throughout the ages against each other to create the ultimate poetry slam.