Dear Readers and Contrubutors of the Elysian Muse,


The past week has been a trying time for many; we are heartbroken witnessing the unfolding of recent events, resulting in Russian forces invading Ukraine. This news has the entire world thrown into a state of unrest, with people being displaced from their homes, the destruction and violence, and the constant anxiety surrounding the unknown of what might happen next. 


We want to take a moment to gently remind our dear readers and contributors to look after themselves and to look out for one another. We must keep the mental health of ourselves and others in mind as we try to navigate this stressful and traumatic time. It's important, especially during current circumstances, to extend a caring and understanding hand to those who have experienced trauma and pain because of issues related to war, violence, and racism.


For our readers and contributors who have friends, family members, and loved ones or a personal connection to the Ukrainian crisis, we extend our deepest sympathy. We want to gently remind you of our listing of mental health resources, which are readily available on our mental health tab.



The Elysian Muse Editorial Team