Editing Services

At The Elysian Muse, our editors are happy to proofread, edit, and give feedback on your work. That includes any written work, visual art, photography, etc. Shoot us an email and we'll take you through our editing process, or check out our resources tab of over 400 self-help Advice Articles written by our editorial staff. We've been dedicated to helping aspiring young creators publish their work since 2018, and we use our experiences, as well as countless hours of research, to provide you with the information you need!



Become an Editor!


Editor positions are currently AVAILABLE. Complete the editor application form to apply to our masthead, or email us! 



Shoot us a Question or Suggestion!


Feel free to contact us at elysianmuselitmagazine@gmail.com or use the box below. We love hearing from our readers and contributors!



Submission Guidelines


Here, we publish bold, new voices we believe showcase not only a mastery of language, but a genuine depth of narrative. We seek boundary-breaking works that not only express the artist, but take risks and utilize the written word in fresh, new ways. 

We are open to accepting any type of writing you have! Feel free to express your emotions and be as creative as possible. 


All appropriate submissions are considered and published on a rolling basis. If your work is selected as an Editors' Choice work, you may be published in our biannual issues. We prefer it if you do not submit more than four pieces at a time. We accept previously published pieces and simultaneous submissions. Our editors are always free to give you feedback! We provide free critiques, edits, and suggestions for all contributors!


What to submit:

  • Photography
  • Visual art (any medium)
  • poetry (prose or verse)
  • flash fiction
  • short stories
  • creative nonfiction
  • any form of creative writing!

What to exclude:

  • discriminatory ideologies and explicitly hateful works
  • writing over 3500 words (we prefer shorter works)
  • research/essay type papers
  • plagiarized/stolen works

We encourage you to be as creative and expressive as possible! However, we would like to create a comfortable environment for all our readers. Controversial topics are welcome as long as they are respectful of other readers. 

How to Submit

Please email a docx or doc file of your writing to elysianmuselitmagazine@gmail.com. If you are submitting multiple works, please send them as separate emails. In the subject line, put the title of your piece, a dash, and then the genre (photography, poetry, fiction, etc.). For example, a subject could read “Harry Potter - Fiction."

In the body of the email, please include a short (3-4 sentence) biography in the third person. Include your name, age, where you're from, and/or any prior experience pertaining to your discipline. You may submit your work anonymously, but must still put your age and where you're from. If you do not wish for your bio to be put up on our contributor's page, we will refrain from doing so, but your work will still be published. If this is a simultaneous submission, please mention so here. If your work is accepted somewhere else and you cannot publish with us, please email us immediately.

If you are under 13, please have a parent send an email with their permission to publish your name, bio, and work.

If you prefer not to receive feedback, please inform us. Otherwise, our editors provide free advice to all.

In about 2 to 3 weeks you'll receive an email response and feedback! If you have not received a response within a month, feel free to shoot us a follow up email. Please understand that due to the large volume of submissions we recieve on a consistent basis, we cannot publish every submission we recieve. However, we will always offer free advice, ediotrial services, and support.

Authors Rights

​Any image we pair with your work is in the public domain, unless otherwise specified. All authors own the rights to their submitted and published work. All work must be wholly original and must belong to the author. We accept previously published work, as long as this follows the guidelines of the literary magazine the author may have published his or her work with. By submitting your work to The Elysian Muse Literary Magazine, you grant us First Electronic Rights and nonexclusive rights to publish it on our online magazine, social media accounts, and biannual issues. Please note that we will never sell your information and content to third parties, and do not use your content for monetary purposes.



Other Information


All images used on this website are free images in the public domain or submissions from artists and photogrophers. If your artwork is featured on our pages or gallery, you will be credited for your work! 





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