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The Interplay Between Creative Expression and Mental Health


Whether it's doodling on your math notes or painting a mural on the side of a building, creatively expressing one's thoughts gives them an opportunity to cope with the stress we experience in our day-to-day lives. Beyond that, writing about our experiences and sharing our stories gives us and others the opportunity to feel connected and accepted within the creative writing community.



Mental Health Articles


Our team of editors research on various topics to put together informational and helpful articles for curious youth. Below are the published mental health articles that we currently have to offer. Our team is always working on more for the community!



1) Mental Illness Representation - How does the media and stigma impact our view of mental illnesses? 


2) Facts About Mental Illnesses in the US - What are some common mental illnesses? How does it impact youth? What are the socioeconomic implications?


3) Creative Expression and Mental Well Being - What's the link?


4) The Science Behind Mental Illnesses and The Effects of Creative Expression


5) The Cross-Section Between Physical Health and Mental Health


6) Tips on Managing Academic Stress - How can we avoiding burnout and still pursue our academic pursuits?


7) Negativity Bias in Our Day-To-Day Lives


8) The Importance of Affirmations and Self-Validation


9) Cultural Mindfulness in Therapy


10) Let's Talk About Loneliness


11) Self-Care During the Pandemic


12) The Significance of Compassion 


13) Hussle Culture - How our society's culture of work limits our well-being


14) What is Neurodiversity?


15) Music and Art Therapy


16) Mental Health, Mental Health Disorder, and Mental Illness - Yes, there is a difference! And yes, it is important! 



If there's a specific topic you're interested in that we haven't yet covered, let us know what types of articles you'd be interested in reading about.