The Elysian Muse




Written by Jiah


his smile was cerulean.
like the sea stretching far ahead; teasing the edge
of the world, ready to tip off and shower the galaxy in a
tantalizing wash of breathlessness.
he was deep like that; the sea.
the more you sink the more the surface concaves,
swirling in salty foam and pulling heartbeats down under.
he was like a jolt of neon electricity spasming through the waves
deadly, yet one can’t help but be infatuated with the burn;
the excruciating pain that licks all over like a tongue of hydrogenous flare.
melting from flames, freezing from adam’s ale; how sensual.
he was blue like the sky, embodied on land but the sky nonetheless
a striking shade of pantone indicolite;
pool of uncharted silver, waiting for someone to take a taste.
all one wants is a mere dip of the toe: insignificant
testing the temperature, a tedious trek away from the shore.
yet in a blink of the eye, there they are, floating in a weighted abyss.
electrified water lapping at their lower lash line;
ready for the swim of a lifetime.
he was like that; cerulean.




Jiah is quite the tangled set of colorful strings. Being from a polluted metro city in India and having only two months left to turn 16, her hours are mostly crammed with studies, the scent of books, hours and hours of music and creating poetry. She breaths literature and is looking forward to incorporating it into her career in the near future!