Photography by Silja Pietilä, 18, Finland

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The Elysian Muse Youth Literary Magazine

Photography by Safia Henniche, 16, Boston

Editors' Choice Works



Land of Tragedy

Written by Nana Opare-Addo



The prominent flag quivers furiously

in a reckless flux, as the raucous

cacophony of squalling and bickering,

pervade. How did this land manage to

turn into one comparable with savagery

and chaos? While two beings of pompous

rank argue absurdly over which gains

ascendancy, our economy is dwindling,

impropriety and blasphemy are persisting,

and abdication is becoming a norm.

Will we stand up; unite as one?

Or, will we accept our ignominious fate,

here in the land of tragedy?





Nana Opare-Addo is a thirteen-year old writer who resides in New York. When she was younger, she became fascinated by a variety of poems & short stories, so she began writing. Writing under the nom de plume, Vicarious, Nana is currently a teen writer at!